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Characterization of floor coverings


A school is working with an industrial company to develop a coating solution for traffic lanes, car parks and driveways. They asked us to design and create a test bench that will be used as part of a thesis.

revetement sol goudron absorbant
Draining asphalt

The applications are numerous, starting with the thermoregulation of heat islands in urban areas, the stagnation of water on the roadway and the reduction of noise pollution due to the road.

It is also used on high-speed roads (motorways).

The test bench developed studies the property of cooling by evaporation of the water contained in the asphalt.

Test Bench

Mechanical part

In order to demonstrate and quantify this cooling power by evaporation (adiabatic principle), we have developed a test bench allowing to easily carry out the necessary measurements.

This test bench has an IR thermal radiation device to simulate sunshine and it can be switched on or off depending on the protocol chosen by the customer. 

Both lamps are height adjustable and each is above a compartment.

Measurement part

This bench is equipped with thermal sensors, themselves connected to an acquisition unit. 


The power of the lamps is regulated by a voltage regulator connected to the mains.


A scale with remote display is placed under the bins to allow a reading of the mass and thus allow a mass balance to be made.


Two thermocouple combs will be inserted in each of the two compartments. A gradient fluxmeter is placed in the partition separating the two compartments in order to measure the cooling of the wet coating with respect to the dry coating.

Data processing and visualization part

Graphical interface-type post-processing software allowing the data to be visualized explicitly and to carry out initial heat and mass balances is supplied with the device.