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Development of an autonomous alert system for firefighters

The safety of users, whether individuals or professionals, has become one of the most important concerns in recent years. Do we have enough means to protect these professionals subjected to high thermal environments? Do they exist? If so, are they sufficient? These are the questions that we asked ourselves with a manufacturer of safety clothing, sweaters and uniforms and we are trying to answer them in the specific field of preventive safety for firefighters. 

We have therefore developed a device to alert a firefighter in case of danger of hyperthermia or risk of burns, moreover this device must be located on the user's uniform.

Working principle

This system uses sensors to measure the temperature of the firefighter's uniform and the amount of heat penetrating it with a fluxmètre, if the values ​​measured by the sensors exceed a certain threshold, the buzzers are activated to inform the firefighter that there is a risk of hyperthermia.