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Monitoring of soil properties of an underground power line


A structure asked us to design and build a system capable of measuring humidity, temperature and thermal resistivity.

For thermal resistivity measurements we have developed a device called RTH 12 channels which uses the hot wire method.

Humidity and temperature measurements are made with acquisition units.

Working principle

This system communicates via an RS232 link but also by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) via an antenna.

The 12-channel RTH is made up of two boxes, one where the probes are connected to take the measurements and the other to communicate with different types of HMI (Human Machine Interface) such as a computer or a display.

The power supply of the 12-channel RTH is 12VDC and can operate on battery, in the event of undervoltage (less than 10.5V) the system prohibits any measurement launch so as not to damage the battery of the device.