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Our philosophy, to offer you a specific metrology for your needs and based on research. NeoTIM, your thermal measurement solutions.


Presentation Thermal engineering

Our innovation is based on the "smart sensor" concept which is to say the understanding of the thermal property and the intrinsic parametre or not of a material or of a wall value from the analysis of measurable values (temperature, flux, hygrometry, flow).

Our instrumentation is based on inserting or placing precisely and carefully in the best possible way the measuring probes in a process or an inert material. Linked to this instrumentation, high-powered and solid calculation add to the measuring systems the innovative character which are necessary for a clear analysis of the studied phenomena.

A smart sensor is made of :

  • an already existing or specificly designed sensor;
  • a data acquisition system;
  • a mathematical data processing with the ability to integrate this calculation in a user interface.

NeoTIM controls the whole of this operation change in order to offer a customized solution to your needs (prototypes, specific captor, measuring and processing abilities, benchmarking and finished industrialized product...).

The engineering consulting firm of NeoTIM conceives and realizes thermal sensors or probes of measure adapted to your problem.