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Neotim has designed and manufactured in France several devices for measuring the conductivity, diffusivity and thermal effusivity of materials. 
These devices use different characterization methods.


Equipment for measuring thermal conductivity by the hot wire method:
Diffusivimeter (optional)
Effusivimeter (optional)

CTMF300 conductivité thermique

CTMF 300

Equipment for measuring thermal conductivity by the fluxmeter method

machine3 CEP


Thermal conductivity meter: pedagogical version



Portable thermal conductivity meter

What is a thermal conductivity meter

A device for measuring thermal conductivity makes it possible to measure the efficiency of the thermal insulation of a material or its conductivity.

How our measuring devices work

We propose different measurement principles based on methods of thermal shock probes, transient, semi-permanent or permanent regime.

What are the benefits of our devices

Our devices are designed to meet the requirements of laboratories, industries and certification standards.
They are manufactured in our company (certified French manufacture).
User interfaces have been designed, simplified and optimized to facilitate their use.