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Our philosophy, to offer you a specific metrology for your needs and based on research. NeoTIM, your thermal measurement solutions.


NeoTim commercialize a device to characterize heat flux.
It can be used in buildings, plants, research, meteorology.


Our sensor has an output voltage, proportional to the thermal flux passing through it. All you need to do is use a voltmeter or a datalogger, capable of taking measurements in millivolts, then converting the measured voltage U (V) in heat flux density Φ (W/m²). For this the voltage must be divided by the sensibility S (V/(W/m²)),a constant provided by the manufacturer.

The fluxmeter generates a low voltage from a temperature difference between the two sides of the sensor. This sensor does not need to be powered. 

     Sort of sensor : Heat flux sensor (Fluxmeter)
     Mesurable : Heat flux
     Temperature range : – 30 à + 80 °C
     Sensor sensibility : 30.09 x 10-6 V/(W/m²)
     Sensor accuracy : 3 %
     Reproducibility : 6 %

The Fluxmeter used in house

The Fluxmeter used in the ground