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Our philosophy, to offer you a specific metrology for your needs and based on research. NeoTIM, your thermal measurement solutions.


Mesure élongation

NeoTIM commercialise un module de mesure d'élongation/étirement.

Capteur à variation de résistance électrique.

La résistance électrique du capteur varie en fonction de son étirement. Notre dispositif est constitué d'un capteur, et d'un boîtier d'acquisition électronique sur batterie.

The principle of this shock probe is to produce locally a low heating of the material (a few degrees above the sample) and to measure this temperature rise over time (duration of a few minutes). By mathematical processing of this signal integrated in the supplied software, the identification of the thermal conductivity is achieved.

The main probe allows measurements from -60 to 100°C.

  • - A power supply and signal conditioning box.
  • - A power cord.
  • - A USB cable for the case/ PC connection.
  • - 1 probe hot wire.
  • - 1 50 x 50 mm hot plane probe (optional).
  • - 1 ring probe (optional).
  • - A license of the software for managing and calculating the thermal conductivity equivalent by wire method*.
  • - A thermal effusivity software license* (optional).
  • - A license for thermal diffusivity calculation software* (optional).
  • - A computer (optional)
  • * Software licenses without source code, modifications and reproduction of software are prohibited.
  • Samples: solids (bricks, rocks, building insulation, powders, gels, etc.).
  • Minimum sample size : 60 x 45 mm and a few millimetres thick for insulation at a few centimetres for a conductor.
  • Conductivity range (hot wire) : 0.02 to 5 W.m-1.K-1
  • Measurement accuracy : 5%
  • Reproducibility : 3%
  • Temperature range: -60 to 100°C
  • Power supply : 220V, 50Hz

The hot wire conductivity meter can be completed with a hot plane probe and its associated software: thermal effusivity estimation.

Of a hot ring probe and its associated software: estimation of thermal diffusivity.

Of a high temperature hot wire probe [100-250°C]: estimation of thermal conductivity

For electrically isolated sites or for highly disturbed electrical grids (example motor generating intense noise on the 220V network) a standalone power supply of inverter type with high battery capacity is the ideal solution for
your FP2C thermal conductivity meter.
It has a capacity of 7h of autonomy. A charger is provided and allows to recharge the batteries in a few hours.